Following the success of ‘Swiped‘ – I was tasked to create another story that would be set and filmed in Canada, further growing Unrd’s audience in the region. For this story, Creative Director Adam Lowe set forth the goal of achieving “the scariest story on mobile” — and I couldn’t have been more excited.

9:15 follows the story of young couple Mia and Emily, who, after months of relationship troubles, decide to escape to one of Canada’s beautiful national parks, staying in an old house. However, things don’t go to plan, when at 9:15 every night, they are haunted by vindictive ghosts.

This project was brilliant fun to work on as it gave me the chance as Lead Writer to employ every horror technique in the book, and take on the challenge of modifying them for the mobile format. One of the key creative choices was the decision to tell the audience that at 9:15pm every evening, we were going to scare them, which garnered huge online response as players anticipated the frights on the lead up to that time.

Along with producer Ruth Morris, we pushed the boundaries of what time-synced media could achieve. On one night of the story, we created a live stream that one of the characters records after being attacked while sharing the horrors of the house. That stream lasts for 10 hours, with occasional scares throughout!

Unrd is an app that takes you inside the phone of the protagonist of the story. From horror, to romance, crime, and more, you receive video calls, phone calls, text messages, social media posts, and more, that immerse you into the world of the story.

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