Outbreak is an exciting horror that lets users experience a pandemic story through the phone of a young woman in her first week of university. As Lead Writer, I wrote all text messages, video and audio content, as well as supervising the exciting on set shoot, where we had a lot of fun playing around in zombie make-up!

When telling a outbreak story, I was keen to inject as much authenticity as possible. To do this, I reached out to a member of Scotland Yard, who advised me on the procedures the UK government would face if a rapidly spreading pandemic were to occur. Many of the things I wrote into the story in 2018, including travel bans and lock-downs, feel particularly prescient in hindsight.

This was one of the first projects that Unrd created, as such I worked closely with founders Adam Lowe and Shib Hussain to develop the voice and storytelling techniques that would be employed across unrd stories. These included live streams, video calls, phone calls, emails, and external websites.

Unrd is an app that takes you inside the phone of the protagonist of the story. From horror, to romance, crime, and more, you receive video calls, phone calls, text messages, social media posts, and more, that immerse you into the world of the story.

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