Technology is constantly evolving, and with it, storytelling is too.

From the mobile devices in our pockets, to the consoles beneath our televisions – or the headsets we wear over our face! Technology has the capacity to change how we experience a story, how we interact with it, and how it makes us feel. Exploring that breadth of possibility, is where my biggest passion’s lie.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work for studios that are pushing the boundaries of what storytelling in the modern world can be.

These include Rare Ltd, who seek to bring originality and innovation to every project they work on, and their latest project, ‘Everwild‘, on which I am the Narrative Designer, is no exception.project, ‘Everwild’, on which I am the Narrative Designer, is no exception.

And Unrd Ltd. where we created an interactive app that synched to the clock on your phone, letting players participate in a story through phonecalls, text messages, social media videos and more — and in the case of ‘Unsolved‘, letting you decide on the ending.

I’ve also been a part of the committee for the Video Game Writers Guild of Great Britain, where we looked to host events that shared insights on the careers of video game writers, and offer advice to aspiring game writers.

I have done talks for Coventry University and for MA students at the Leeds School of Arts. I’m always keen to chat with students about their careers and the industry!