I kicked off my writing career by writing various feature film screenplays which have been recognized by BBC Writersroom, Screencraft, Coverfly and Shore Scripts. I’m a self declared film buff and aim to write the movies I wish I could watch! 

Bellow are scripts I’m open to sharing, further scripts available on request.



This screenplay was a Semi-Finalist in the LAUNCH via Coverfly 2019 feature film screenplay competition. 

London, 1892. When a group of child factory workers are blamed for thefts in the factory, they decide to prove their innocence or face dire consequences. However, their investigation takes a surprising turn after the discovery the thief is a monster, created by a tormented scientist.

Sample available on request.



This screenplay placed in the top 4% of BBC Writersroom Drama submissions in 2016, as well as top 6% Shore Scripts’ feature film submissions in 2017.

A Clone with a one-day life-span awakens on a mysterious star-ship. Along with an ancient Android, she embarks on a dangerous journey to uncover the secrets behind her own existence.

Sample available on request.


A Cold Yellowstone Night

A grief-stricken man escapes the holidays by accepting the job of winter caretaker for Yellowstone National Park. But when he discovers he is actually captive in a digital realm, the only escape is to confront haunting manifestations of his past, present and future.

Sample available on request.

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