I kicked off my writing career by writing various feature film screenplays which have been recognized by BBC Writersroom, Screencraft, Coverfly and Shore Scripts. Writing screenplays has honed my craft of the cinematic language and concise narrative structures, extending into the work I do in other mediums. 

The screenplays featured on this website were written over the course of four years, from when I first began my course at Bournemouth University; “Scriptwriting for Film and Television”, to when I was a working professional. The result is a gradual strengthening of my abilities and voice as a writer – that I have carried with me into my professional work.

My first feature film screenplay, Eternal, is noticeably rough around the edges, and it’s my intent to revisit this in the near future with fresh eyes. However, the script holds a special place for me thanks to its recognition by BBC Writersroom, in which it reached the top 4% of submissions for the year 2015. This was the confidence boosting affirmation that propelled me to continue pursuing a career as a writer.

I was 18 years old.

Follow up screenplays, A Cold Yellowstone Night and Arc, both went on to receive acclamation from Screencraft, THE LAUNCH, and Shore Scripts. These scripts are notable to me as I began to reach out into tougher subject matter and deeper themes.

My most recent screenplay, The Days Remain, written in 2019, is my most personable piece of writing to date as it is a reflection on my working class roots in the city of Brighton, and my formative years.

As I primarily write screenplays out of enjoyment and experimentation, I have no reservations about sending the full scripts to anyone who may be interested. If one of the ideas catches your eye, I’ll be happy to send it to you in full.