For Swiped, I was tasked to create a story that cut to the core of modern Tinder culture. For this, I collaborated in the writers room with Senior Writer Chrystal Ding to outline a tense, psychotic thriller about a man who has his identity stolen by a murderer who kills anyone they match with on Tinder.

I was Lead Writer on the project, and created the in game dialogue, scripts for video content, and supervised the shoot. Swiped was also Unrd‘s first project to have production take place abroad, in this case, Toronto, Canada. This meant travelling across the world and collaborating with talent abroad.

In setting the location of the story in a place I had yet to visit, I committed to being thorough in my research, and speaking to many locals to write a story that felt authentic to the location.

Swiped became one of unrd’s most well received stories with fans.

Unrd is an app that takes you inside the phone of the protagonist of the story. From horror, to romance, crime, and more, you receive video calls, phone calls, text messages, social media posts, and more, that immerse you into the world of the story.

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