Who Killed Callux?

While at Unrd, I was Lead Writer on the first project the studio completed in collaboration with a brand outside of the studio.

When writing the story ‘Who Killed Callux?’ – I had the entirely new-to-me task of developing fictional versions of real life people. In doing this, I spent countless hours ingesting the online media of leads Callum McGinley (Callux) and Talia Mar, as well as side characters like the Sidemen.

In addition to this, I developed a strong collaboration with Callum, who felt comfortable sharing with me his personal text messages with family, friends, and his partner, as he was keen to create as immersive an experience as possible for fans who would be “possessing” his phone. This was an incredibly valuable resource, that brought an authenticity to the story that assumptions might have otherwise failed to.

The story was well received by fans of Callux, the Sidemen, and Talia Mar, and led to Unrd being approached for future collaborations with talent and IP.

Unrd is an app that takes you inside the phone of the protagonist of the story. From horror, to romance, crime, and more, you receive video calls, phone calls, text messages, social media posts, and more, that immerse you into the world of the story.

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