My most recent employer was Unrd Ltd. A unique mobile games app using real-time interactive storytelling to bring users into the world of the characters’ phone. Available on IOS and Android.


My most recent game with Unrd is the crime-interrogation game Unsolved. I collaborated with other writers on episodes 1-4 and was the scriptwriter of episodes 5 and 6. Players watch as investigator Kate Finch interrogates four suspects, and then must choose who they think is the culprit.

I wrote the terrifying horror 9:15, and identity-theft-mystery Swiped. This was the first time unrd filmed a story abroad in Toronto, Canada, as a result, in addition to being writer, I was tasked with flying out alongside production as Script Supervisor.

I wrote a thrilling murder mystery in collaboration with Youtubers Callux and Talia Mar, Who Killed Callux? As lead scriptwriter, I was faced with the unique challenge of creating fiction versions of real people to tell a compelling story.

Outbreak is an exciting horror that let users experience a zombie apocalypse through the phone of a survivor. As lead scriptwriter, I wrote all text messages, video and audio content, as well as scripts for produced content.

My first ambitious writing project with unrd, The Silent Truth, followed a death row inmate’s journey using a smuggled mobile to uncover the secrets behind his death sentencing. To tell a truly immersive story we created news articles, video interviews and even an entire podcast!